It’s just plain wrong to not experience the life-changing power of faith. Jesus did not die so we would stay the same. But life is hard on the soul. Ministry is hard on the soul. Leadership is hard on the soul. Unless we are equipped with understanding and practical tools for spiritual vitality, committed with disciplined devotion, and supported by the faith community, we will neglect our souls at the expense of our personal and spiritual well-being. Soul care and spiritual vitality are not automatic. They require intentional effort. God makes, we shape. This course, based on Doug Rumford’s book, SoulShaping (Second Edition): From Soul Neglect to Spiritual Vitality and the SoulShaping Cycle of Spiritual Vitality, equips and trains participants to develop a life-giving, life-changing pattern of spiritual practices to thrive in life and service. The syllabus can be found here.


Trimesters Offered

Spring 2024

Type of Course

Ministry Essentials

Course Area

Ministry Life & Health

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