Partner With Us

There are two ways you or your church can partner with Flourish Institute to equip Christian leaders for lifelong ministry.


We believe partnering an emerging pastor/leader with an experienced pastor in a Gospel-guided relationship is one of the healthiest ways to train up new leaders. These partnerships focus on the development of ministry and leadership skills with a holistic view toward spiritual and emotional health while the mentee is actively doing ministry under the mentor’s supervision.

How it’s different from other types of mentoring

In transformational mentored ministry, the mentor does not seek to duplicate themselves or conform the mentee to a certain mold.

Instead, the mentor allows the individual they are leading to fully grow into the person and pastor God desires them to be.

How it happens

This partnership helps facilitate opportunities for transformation through an intentional, covenantal relationship outside of normal ministry responsibilities.

The mentor and mentee regularly set aside time for establishing growth goals, teaching skills, reflecting on ministry experiences, discussing clergy issues, and providing honest feedback towards leadership development.


  • Requires a FIT trained/validated Mentor
  • A signed covenant between Mentor and Mentee
  • Required 6-9-month internship with 10 hours minimum per week (including meetings between mentor/mentee)

Learning Objectives

  • Internships: Setting measurable growth goals in ECO’s 10 Leadership Competencies and 4 Desired Ordination Outcomes: Healthy Spiritually and Emotionally, Proficient in Ministry, Integrated Theologically, and Skilled in Leadership
  • Practicums: Students plan for a specific ministry project and prepare for and execute the projects with the mentor observing them and meeting regularly with the mentee to evaluate, guide, and assign appropriate reading resources.
  • Ability to theologically reflect on ministry and life