Everyone should have access to practical ministry training

Whether you’re a lay leader or vocational, we can help you get the tools, experience, and confidence you need for ministry.

Our programs are designed around industry leading adult education techniques that combine spiritual formation, theological integration, and mentored application:

Lay Leader Program (LLP)

This program is designed to provide the foundational education needed to fulfill the high calling of being a lay pastor in the church.

Duration: one-year if taken full time.

Master of Arts (MA)

Designed primarily for those seeking ordination in ECO, this track builds upon the courses required of those seeking an LLP.

Duration: two-years if taken full time.

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Offering the fullest breadth of training for ministry leadership, the MDiv offers more opportunities to shape your degree path around interests, gifting, and calling.

Duration: three-years if taken full time.