Laura Murray

Rev. Laura Murray is an ordained pastor, author, speaker, retreat facilitator, and certified Spiritual Director. For over 20 years she has worked closely with individual leaders and groups in the areas of leader development and spiritual formation. During COVID-19 she created the Digital Silent Retreats and has hosted these spaces monthly as a way of formation and connection with others. As the Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Highland Park Presbyterian Church, she wrote formational devotion guides and studies, and created and led worship services. One of her greatest joys is strengthening others in faith and life with God. Alongside a Masters Degree in Theology, she is currently working on her Doctorate in Leading Change at Fuller Theological Seminary. Her project focus is Spiritual Formation through the Practice of Hospitality in the Digital Space. Her published book Pray As You Are guides readers into honesty in prayer. She is married to Craig, has two incredible children, an energetic pup, and lives in the Dallas area. She believes dessert is only dessert if it involves chocolate.