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The Residency at MDPC is a nine-month program for men and women with a clear call to vocational ministry. We will use practical learning, hands-on ministry, and mentoring from a pastor or department director as a platform for each resident’s spiritual and leadership development. Residents will pursue theological studies (via seminary or other graduate program) during the program. If you are a college graduate or a current seminary student and feel a call toward local church ministry or ordination, please consider applying.

Mentoring Church Information

Church Address
11612, Memorial Drive, Bunker Hill Village, Harris County, Texas, 77024, United States
Church Website
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Internship Details

Church Name
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Number of spots open for this internship/position
This internship/position can be tailored to the gifts/needs of the intern
Current Intership/Position Status
If currently filled, when will the position re-open?
Currently Open
Internship/Position hours per week (Hours are minimum 10hr/week - can be a range or fixed)
PDF of the full internship position and details

Finances and Housing

Description of what the church can offer
Housing, if needed
Monthly stipend of $1,300
A pastor for one-on-one weekly mentoring and coaching
A personalized program including significant ministry opportunities, practical learning, and time for theological study. Our goal is to place you in a ministry context where you can thrive in your strengths while exploring areas for growth.
Salary/Hourly pay
$1,300 stipend
Housing Offered (If applicable)
Housing will be provided in rental accommodation.

Mentoring Church Context

What is the mission/vision of the church? How can an intern help the congregation to achieve these?
Loving God. Proclaiming Christ. Living Generously. Engaging All.

Read more about our vision and values here:

Over nine months, residents will grow and add to the vibrancy of the MDPC community. Our hope is that you will leave here ready to serve the church in vocational ministry.
What is the make-up of the church and the surrounding community?
We are located in an upper-middle class neighborhood about 15 minutes from downtown Houston and our congregation is made of primarily of professionals. We have three English services, one Spanish service, and one Portuguese congregation on Sunday nights.
What are your top 2 strengths and growth areas as a church?
Our strengths are in generosity and children's ministry. Although we have other strengths, the majority of new members speak about these two as the main driving factors for joining MDPC.

We are growing in Evangelism and welcoming 20-somethings.

Mentor's Information

Primary Mentor's Name
Alf Halvorson
Primary Mentor's ministry experience, passions, and interests
Alf Halvorson is MDPC's Pastor/Head of Staff. He has pastored a number of PC(USA) and ECO Churches in Springfield, MO, Aimes, IA, and Bethlehem, PA. He is passionate about Vikings football and helping to launch MDPC into a new fruitful era of ministry.
Additional Mentor's Name (If applicable)
Beth Case
Additional Mentor's Name (If applicable)
Clay Brown

Ready to Apply?

Please contact the church directly.
To apply, please contact the church directly with the below information.
Jeremiah Collins