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Pastoral Resident

This would be a mentored ministry position primarily working with youth ministry with possibilities of assisting with other pastoral needs in the church as gifts, interest, and the needs of the church apply. 

There is room for flexibility for hours with this position.

Mentoring Church Information

Church Address
820 E. Cherry St.
Church Website

Internship Details

Church Name
First and Calvary Presbyterian Church
Number of spots open for this internship/position
This internship/position can be tailored to the gifts/needs of the intern
Current Intership/Position Status
If currently filled, when will the position re-open?
Currently Open
Internship/Position hours per week (Hours are minimum 10hr/week - can be a range or fixed)
PDF of the full internship position and details

Finances and Housing

Description of what the church can offer
There is potential for on-site housing to be included in the compensation package for this mentored ministry position. Hourly pay is available. If the hours meet our minimum requirements, there is paid time off. The mentor(s) for this position are committed to investing in helping this intern grow in their ministry goals.
Salary/Hourly pay
approx. $15-20/hour
Housing Offered (If applicable)
If available, the church has a one-bedroom apartment on site that could be part of the compensation package for this position. It is ideal for 1-2 people and includes a full bathroom and kitchen. Laundry units are also available for use in the church.

Mentoring Church Context

What is the mission/vision of the church? How can an intern help the congregation to achieve these?
Our mission is to labor alongside our Father as he draws people to Jesus & grows them as disciples.

We value:

everyday conversations & historic confessions

serving others & campus hospitality

the life of the mind & the beauty of the arts

An intern can help us further our mission by growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ and laboring alongside the Father with our team to invite people to follow Jesus and walk alongside people in their discipleship.
What is the make-up of the church and the surrounding community?
As our church has a long history, we have many legacy covenant partners. We are also surrounded by the Missouri State University Campus, and so our location gives us a unique opportunity to reach young people. We have been growing in our reach to younger generations. We have international college students attending our church. Our diversity generally reflects the surrounding area. After a leadership change in 2021, We have been excited to see families and college students joining our church after a season of decline.
What are your top 2 strengths and growth areas as a church?
Our church community highly values the beauty of the arts and the life of the mind, and that is reflected by our incredible music and worship arts ministries, scholars program, and discipleship offerings.

Growth areas would be related to the need to grow young like increasing our campus ministry and rebuilding our youth, children, and family ministries. We have been making good headway, Praise the Lord!

Mentor's Information

Primary Mentor's Name
Don Everts
Primary Mentor's ministry experience, passions, and interests
Ministry Experience, passions, and interests. I worked in campus ministry (with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) for 14 years, and have now been working in the local church for 15 years. For 3 years I also worked with Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Barna Group doing research about faith in our postmodern context. I am passionate about relational witness, everyday discipleship, coaching preachers, and exploring the relationship between faith and the arts.

Ready to Apply?

Please contact the church directly.
To apply, please contact the church directly with the below information.
Jamie Swope