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Pastoral Residency

City Church is looking for a general pastoral resident with a preference for a female candidate. The residency will be crafted based on the candidate's gifting and desires as well as the needs of City Church. The position also includes mentoring by Leo Schuster (Pastor/Head of Staff) and Valerie Tompson (Executive Director). Leo has been in ministry for over 30 years and served at Redeemer Presbyterian with Tim Keller. Valerie has over 15 years experience in ministry operations with a background in business administration.

Mentoring Church Information

Church Address
House of Blues Houston, 1204, Caroline Street, Houston, Harris County, Texas, 77002, United States
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Internship Details

Church Name
City Church
Number of spots open for this internship/position
This internship/position can be tailored to the gifts/needs of the intern
Current Intership/Position Status
If currently filled, when will the position re-open?
Currently Open
Internship/Position hours per week (Hours are minimum 10hr/week - can be a range or fixed)
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Finances and Housing

Description of what the church can offer
This will be a paid residency at an entry level salary scaled to the number of hours per week.
Salary/Hourly pay
Salary will be based on experience and hours
Housing Offered (If applicable)
City Church will not be providing housing but is open to help candidates secure a place to live.

Mentoring Church Context

What is the mission/vision of the church? How can an intern help the congregation to achieve these?
City Church exists to bring the beauty of the gospel into broken places. We are a church that was planted in inner Houston in 2015. Our mission is to love God, love others, and love the city, We take particular care to make City Church accessible to those who are not familiar with church or have church hurt.

Our most recent pastoral intern is leaving Houston to be with her family in Nashville. She added a younger voice to our staff and an upfront female voice in our worship services. While that is how she helped City Church, we know that God may bring us another resident with different gifts.
What is the make-up of the church and the surrounding community?
We have about 450 members with a weekly attendance of around 275-300, including kids. Our congregation trends younger - about 45% millennial. Houston is incredibly diverse and we seek to reflect the diversity of it. That is a challenge but we have made some good progress. While we meet in downtown Houston, we are not a neighborhood church and our members are spread in different areas of Houston.
What are your top 2 strengths and growth areas as a church?
Strengths: Small but effective and close knit staff; Many passionate members
Growth: We meet at House of Blues in downtown Houston. Some view it as a strength but the lack of a permanent facility create challenges. Another area of growth is cohesiveness among our congregation as many of our members are spread out in the greater Houston area.

Mentor's Information

Primary Mentor's Name
Leo Schuster
Primary Mentor's ministry experience, passions, and interests
Leo has been in ministry for over 30 years and has planted two churches in Houston. He worked with Tim Keller at Redeemer for 4 years. He is passionate about bringing the gospel to younger generations and making it accessible to those outside the church.
Additional Mentor's Name (If applicable)
Valerie Tompson

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Valerie Tompson