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Ministry Internship

Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church is seeking to provide meaningful ministry opportunities to individuals who may be considering ministry as a vocation, or who want to use their passions and abilities in part-time ministry. The intern will gain experience, training, and mentorship for both personal and professional development, while engaging in meaningful ministry to advance the mission of LCPC. The interns benefit from our mentorship and training while the church benefits from what they are able to put into practice—a win-win!

The intern will work directly with the lead pastor, alongside elders, volunteer leaders, and other ministry staff. The lead pastor will provide regular supervision sessions and coaching sessions. Supervision focuses on the tasks and goals for the position: offering helpful feedback, celebrating successes, and brainstorming challenges, to ensure success in the work itself.

Coaching focuses on the intern’s personal and professional development. The intern and lead pastor will work together to consider what experiences, education, and equipping may be most helpful to the intern’s growth. This may include ministry experiences such as worship and preaching, congregational care, team leadership, and working through conflict. It may include equipping through personal spiritual disciplines, books to read, or other means. The goal is that the intern will feels equipped for future ministry.

This position can be crafted into one full-time or a part-time position. The roles we are seeking to fill are: Spiritual Growth Champion and Volunteer Coordinator.

Mentoring Church Information

Church Address
45, Church Street, Liberty Corner, Bernards Township, Somerset County, New Jersey, 07920, United States
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Internship Details

Church Name
Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church
Number of spots open for this internship/position
This internship/position can be tailored to the gifts/needs of the intern
Current Intership/Position Status
If currently filled, when will the position re-open?
Fall (September) 2023
Internship/Position hours per week (Hours are minimum 10hr/week - can be a range or fixed)
PDF of the full internship position and details

Finances and Housing

Description of what the church can offer
Each position is part-time, with a salary range from $10,000 - $20,000 per year, depending on expected hours. We are open to combining positions into a full-time internship as well. There may be options for housing with church members.
Salary/Hourly pay
Housing Offered (If applicable)
There may be options for housing with church members.

Mentoring Church Context

What is the mission/vision of the church? How can an intern help the congregation to achieve these?
The mission of Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. More than just believing, discipleship is a commitment to live, love, and behave more like Jesus. We gather as the people of God, grow more like Jesus Christ, and go out into the world to share the good news.
What is the make-up of the church and the surrounding community?
Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church with a weekly attendance of over 250 people and over 600 covenant partners. Our area is an ethnically diverse suburban community within commuting distance of New York City, with comfortable homes and hidden wounds
What are your top 2 strengths and growth areas as a church?
Our strengths are our genuine care for one another and others, as shown in our outreach and healing ministries. Our top growth area is to clarify our vision for discipleship and small groups.

Mentor's Information

Primary Mentor's Name
Barnabas Sprinkle
Primary Mentor's ministry experience, passions, and interests
Barnabas' name means “son of encouragement,” and he strives to live up to it. His passion is helping people experience eternal and abundant life in Jesus Christ. He has received training as life coach. He has been a pastor for 20 years, and this is his second church serving as lead pastor over other pastors.

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To apply, please contact the church directly with the below information.
Barnabas Sprinkle