Internship Details


Director of Student Ministries

The purpose of the Mentored Ministry Position with emphasis on Student Ministry is to help the candidate explore pastoral ministry while furthering the vision and mission of White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church.

The Student Ministry position is responsible for ministries to middle school and high school students. These ministries include providing leadership for outreach to students in the church and the local community, spiritual growth and maturity for students, the mentoring and development of lay leaders, ministering to families, and supporting the wider community of faith at the church.

Mentoring Church Information

Church Address
White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, 15, Polly Drummond Hill Road, Delaplane Manor, New Castle County, Delaware, 19711, United States
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Internship Details

Church Name
White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church
Number of spots open for this internship/position
This internship/position can be tailored to the gifts/needs of the intern
Current Intership/Position Status
Currently Filled
If currently filled, when will the position re-open?
Fall (September) 2023
Internship/Position hours per week (Hours are minimum 10hr/week - can be a range or fixed)
PDF of the full internship position and details

Finances and Housing

Description of what the church can offer
The church can offer a salary range starting at $30k and can stretch that further depending on the housing situation. Housing is available as apartment availability is quickly becoming limited. There are other options as well.
Salary/Hourly pay
Salary starts at $30k and can be negotiated.
Housing Offered (If applicable)
Placement with a family is preferable. There are other options in partnership with other opportunities, such as Sean's House, if the intern is interested in expanding in pastoral care experience (founded by a member of our congregation -

Mentoring Church Context

What is the mission/vision of the church? How can an intern help the congregation to achieve these?
Vision: Christ-Centered, Caring, Connected Community
Mission: Connecting you with Christ, in a caring community, that impacts the world.

The intern would help to achieve the vision and mission by leading students and lay leaders to fulfill the vision and mission. In addition, the intern would have the opportunity to exercise and explore any number of pastoral opportunities/experiences that would help the church align itself to the unique calling of the vision and mission.
What is the make-up of the church and the surrounding community?
The church is primarily Caucasian and aged, although we have a flourishing children's ministry and a growing diversity. This diversity and younger family makeup match the surrounding community.

Additionally, we are located near a middle school and less than two miles from a high school and the University of Delaware. We are poised to prosper and opportunities abound. We are slowly aligning ourselves to our unique vision and missional calling.
What are your top 2 strengths and growth areas as a church?
Strengths: Biblically alive and boldly welcoming
Growth areas: Evangelism (although the Lord seems to be doing a work without us - we're just joining in) and deeply involved (I would define this as unreserved service)

Mentor's Information

Primary Mentor's Name
Scott Vance
Primary Mentor's ministry experience, passions, and interests
Pastor/Head of Staff. 30 years of Student Ministry in both small and large settings. Associate Pastor for five years. Head of Staff for seven years.

Love soccer. Love discipleship. Love giving people the opportunity to explore their calling.

Very concerned that young pastors develop the right habits of sabbath and solitude.

Always learning.

Ready to Apply?

Please contact the church directly.
To apply, please contact the church directly with the below information.
Scott Vance