The Seventh Day: The Sabbath in Scripture, Theology, and Ministry

For many the Sabbath commandment seems to mean little more than being a regular church attendant and “giving God” a little time each week. Many believers might be surprised to learn that the Sabbath is the most often repeated commandment in the Bible. And they might be shocked to learn that the number one reason given in Scripture for God’s anger and judgement is the people’s breaking of the Sabbath. In fact, the Sabbath commandment is the most important one to uphold in the Bible as it touches upon and defines all others. How this is so, what it means for ministry, and how it impacts every aspect of life will be the subject of this class. As an “intensive” this class will meet twice during the semester at a particular site. Students will do course work before and after these face-to-face gatherings.

Note: This class is an “Intensive” class that will be held on location and not available online. Dates and locations to be announced.


Trimesters Offered

Summer 2023

Type of Course

Intensive, Ministry Essentials

Course Area

Theology & History

Course Number