Gathering: The Church

The church is a necessary and vital part of the Christian life. From instruction, to accountability, to encouragement, and support, the church provides an essential element to the Christian life. Indeed, it is all but impossible to succeed in the life of a disciple in isolation from the community of believers.

But for those in vocational ministry—and especially those serving as pastors—one’s life in and relationship with the church takes on a very different reality. Attending worship on Sunday’s and a home group during the week is very different than working at the church five or six days a week. A potluck celebration or evening prayer meeting is one thing to a parishioner who is at the church two or three nights a month and something entirely different for the pastor who is at the church two to three nights per week. And it is a very different thing to go to church to be taught and have time with friends and going to church to work, care for people, field complaints, and lead the people in directions they may be reluctant to go.

For vocational leaders all this raises a difficult tension: on the one hand, life in and with the body of believers is as vital and necessary for pastors as it is for any believer. But on the other hand church life can be more draining than filling, more discouraging than encouraging, more work than rest. What then is a pastor to do? How does the pastor participate in healthy fellowship while leading ever further into kingdom goals?

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Spring 2024

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