Gathering: Ministry in the Wilderness

Wilderness is a vitally important and recurring theme in the Bible. The wilderness is a place of hardship, difficulty, and struggle. But it is also a place where God is working out his purposes and leading us ever deeper into faith and obedience. The wilderness is a place where faith is tested, strengthened, and deepened. It is an inevitable part of one’s spiritual life and thus one’s ministry life.

This course will explore the reality that ministry must, at times, occur during difficult seasons. This may include times of personal struggles or sorrows, church conflict and division, seasons when faith feels dry and empty, times when the church is shrinking, struggling, or just simply stuck. How we move through these times is vital. We will explore how these times are used by God, what he is doing, and how we can prepare for them and make the most of them.

This course will also explore two major areas. The first is Israel in the Wilderness and how wilderness is used to build a community of faith. The second is Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness and the lessons we learn in personal times of wilderness.

Location: Irving, TX


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Fall 2024

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