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Have you ever wanted to read the New Testament in its original language? The Flourish Institute of Theology is excited to be launching a new certificate program in Biblical Greek beginning in Fall 2023! Upon successful completion of this certificate, you will be certified as a competent interpreter of biblical Greek with the skills necessary to use the New Testament in mature ways.

No prior Greek language experience needed!
1 Prerequisite Required (see below)

Integrating Biblical Greek for Lifelong Understanding and Ministry Impact

Upon successful completion of this certificate you will be certified as a competent interpreter of biblical Greek with the skills necessary to use the New Testament in mature ways. This skill and certification may be helpful not only for deepening your knowledge of Scripture for personal and ministry use, but also for career advancement as a continuing education opportunity.

What makes learning Greek at the Flourish Institute of Theology different from the many other online options? Quality, applicability, and rigor. Our unique educational philosophy aimed at the needs of ministry in the 21st century integrates academic subjects with one another and applies them to real life. We teach the biblical Greek language its world so that you understand better the context of the New Testament and thus what translational decisions should be made. We also integrate Greek into theology, personal spiritual health, and professional ministry. Of all subjects, biblical languages often feel the least “useful,” we believe this is because they have been insufficiently integrated with the rest of ministry life. We teach to competency, so our certification process is more rigorous than simply passing a series of courses. We meet live online every week to ensure you get the learning support needed, and our limited class size means you get personalized attention. We want you to attain the confidence necessary to catalyze a lifetime of use and growth in the language. We believe that a confident knowledge of the biblical languages is necessary for them to bear lasting fruit.

Certificate Details


● BI502 Introduction to New Testament or BI650 Biblical Interpretation and Exegesis

Waived if students have an MA in Theology or MDiv

Involved Courses:

15 credits total
Timeline: 1 year

● Greek 1: Elementary Greek
● Greek 2: Intermediate Greek
● Advanced Greek Exegesis


$1,500 tuition

(extra for prerequisites, some textbook purchases required)

For more information or questions, please email Rev. Dr. Gregory Wagenfuhr at

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Your Professor

Rev. Dr. Gregory Wagenfuhr

Rev. Dr. Gregory Wagenfuhr is the Dean of Program Innovation and the Student Advisor at the Flourish Institute of Theology. He has taught biblical languages at Trinity College, Bristol, UK. His BA from Wheaton College is in Ancient Languages and Philosophy, where he studied both Koiné and Classical Greek, and translated the book of Hebrews, Homer’s IliadPlutarch’s Pericles, selections of the Septuagint and learned composition. Dr. Wagenfuhr specializes in integrative studies, fusing history, philosophy, theology, sociology, and other fields into a multi-faceted perspective that aims at producing wisdom rather than specialization.